Decorative Wall Clocks An Art Work That Will Withstand The Test of Time

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about decorative wall clock is my grandpa’s clock at our ancestral home in our native place. It was a clock that requires winding once a week and was indeed a decorative work adorning the drawing room. A beautiful art work in copper of a deer jumping with its branched horn and the clock was in the belly portion. The tick tock and the hourly chime of that clock was a real melody to hear.

My grandpa was very fond and at time paranoiac about that clock. Every Monday exactly after breakfast he made it a point in winding of that clock. Exactly eleven and half turns, in the process counting the turns. It was an honor to be granted the permission from grandpa, to wind the clock in my childhood days. Any repair work, be it electrical, painting, or an additional wall hanging on that wall had to vetted by Grandpa and he will oversee the work with repeating the words ’watch the clock, watch the clock’.

How the time has changed? Nowadays decorative wall clocks, though looks the same the working is different. The cuckoo clock is an example; the mechanized version of yester years has given way for the quartz era now. While the older version has the chain, that winds the mechanism of the clock as well as the cuckooing, is a dummy nowadays. But the chime is more melodious with the new version. The other decorative wall clock famous is the one that looks like a big wrist watch, with its strap and buckle and even the holes in them.

Then there are the traditional pendulum models, with their tell tale tick-tock and hourly chimes. More and more people are taking interest for buying a decorative clock for their home or office and exhibit it in a prime place such as the drawing room or in the front office.

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